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Appropriate textile selection is vital to the success of furniture restoration and durability is dependent on many factors including fiber content, weave, color, texture as well as weight. We are more than happy to assist with your selection prior to purchase of material.

Be Seated Now can replace the cane torn or brittle from age. Restore the furniture's integrity rather than sidelining the broken seat to a corner.  Whether your chair has hand cane or pre-woven insert, we can bring the chair back to as new condition.

Call (508) 877-1582 now to schedule a no cost consultation today! Visit the workshop and see the many steps involved in the restoration process as well as the attention to detail.

Be Seated Now offers upholstering services for residential and small business locations. We specialize in restoring individual furniture pieces by traditional methods and at a reasonable cost. Reuse your current furniture and make it look like new.

A sentimental favorite piece from Grandma you just don’t want to part with? A piece that is just the right size and fits under the window? Memories made curled up with a terrific book that you just can’t leave behind?

Don’t throw that piece out, but go green and restore it.

Save yourself the time of shopping and the delay in ordering. Save yourself money by purchasing your own decorative fabric.

We’ll take care of everything else including replacement foam, structural components, and re-bracing the frame as needed. Base fabrics are not presently available at Be Seated Now, but we are more than happy to recommend fabric sources.

When it comes to upholstering, Be Seated Now does it all: from small to large jobs and with any type of furniture including dining seats, ottomans, wing chairs and sofas. Be Seated Now can replace both pre-woven and 7 strand traditional hand cane panels too.

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